About the company

At the present time, the enterprise owns:

  • Our own production facilities;
  • A large staff of employees, the specialists of a high class;
  • A team of professions capable to put a turnkey project in commission on time;
  • Special automotive equipment, which enables a mobile delivery of an installation team, materials, components and tools to the sites.One of the basic advantages of “Galychenergo” PE is our own storage and production facilities with high-skilled workers. That makes possible to quickly meet the customer’s needs, to reduce the terms of executing the orders, to provide the customers with warranty and post-warranty repair, maintenance service.
  • The work is executed by a skilled and qualified personnel. There are proper permitting and licensing documents for all types of work.

    We produce:

  • Power and switchboards;
  • Condenser units;
  • Automatic standby activation (ASA), metering and lightning boards;
  • Customized switchboards;
  • Construction and erection of the 10-35 kV statins and substations;
  • Laying of low-voltage and high-voltage cable lines;
  • Mounting, regulation, programming and putting of the automated system of electric-power commercial metering into commission ASEPCM.
  • We offer the goods to provide various sites with electric-engineering products in a combined manner from the leading foreign and domestic producers.A large assortment of above 30 thousand names and commodity stock reserve enables the execution of any orders in the shortest possible terms.
  • “Galychenergo” PE is an official distributor and partner of the companies as follows:

  • Keba
  • E.NEXT
  • IEK
  • Philips
  • Delux
  • Lumen
  • Bilmaks
  • Variant
  • Vatra
  • Termofit
  • Bellson
  • ELCO
  • Makel
  • Maxus
  • Osram
  • Schneider Electric
  • SEZ
  • and cooperates with other domestic and foreign companies.

    We welcome you and you are grateful to us.