Our company sells electrotechnical equipment of well-known trade marks occupying leading positions in the Ukrainian market of electric products.

You will find a wide assortment of electrotechnical equipment with us from a socket to a substation, namely:

  • lighting switches, sockets, extension cords;
  • circuit breakers, protective switching-off units, differential breakers, motor protective breakers, contactors, magnetic starters;
  • automatized drives;
  • controllers;
  • cable and conductor products;
  • various types of illumination: luminescent, halogen, LED, explosion-proof;
  • lighting control fittings, movement sensors, twilight sensors;
  • meters, test boxes, current transformers;
  • power transformers;
  • dischargers;
  • constant-voltage regulators;
  • personal protective equipment and tools;
  • frequency inverter, relays of any purpose;
  • electrical warm floor;
  • installation materials, cups, heat-shrink tubes, metal and plastic conduits;
  • metal hose, clamps, clips, rigid and corrugated tubes;
  • mounting, distributing, internal and external boxes;
  • fixing and mounting means of self-supporting insulated wire;
  • metal and plastic boards for any type of mounting;
  • contact breakers;
  • low-voltage and high-voltage fuses;
  • electrotechnical copper buses;
  • insulators, gaskets;
  • buttons, switches, light-signaling fittings, end switches.
  • and a lot of other things.

    You can acquaint yourself with the list of equipment in by reference, as well as call by the phones specified below.

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